, a side-project

Over the past several years, my friend Brandon Tindle and I have been discussing and prototyping various ideas around HTTP monitoring. I'm happy to say that we've finally gotten brave enough to start shipping, even if it is a slightly embarrassing technological preview. If you'd like to see it, head over to, check it out for a few moments, and come back here to learn about its underpinnings.

The goal of is not to build yet another HTTP monitoring service - it's to re-imagine how one could be built for today and build it for the long-term. Some of the principles that we've established are as follows:

The current preview doesn't really cover any of these points fully outside of getting data to you quickly. It is barely usable and limited to a single site. However, if you are interested in seeing what we cook up, I invite you to follow us on Twitter where we'll be announcing as we iterate.